Terms & Conditions

  • Additional services will be quoted per item and these extras are invoiced separately in the final invoice at the end.

    In most case it is possible to re-schedule your wedding but penalties will apply and this depends on the date of the wedding and amount of the contract.

    Please understand that every day we receive more than 10 inquiries, so if we start asking our past client for referrals, this will bother them. I can also tell you that Shahibarat.com is come out from the promoters of WIN, WIN (Western India nature tours) is a travel company who is organizing tour Package across the world and there 98% business is with foreigners that’s why they are recognized by Ministry Of Tourism Govt. Of India as a “INBOUND TOUR SPECIALIST”, So you can expect the level of work .Our experience, past wedding database and the media reviews will be enough to keep your confidence in us. 

    Religious Hindu/English wedding ceremony is not legally proven in India unlike other countries; you have to undergo civil registration which is a cumbersome procedure with Court and Registrar. We would honestly recommend you to take care of legal part in your own country to save grueling formalities and time and enjoy your religious blessings with beautiful setups of Shahibarat.com. This is what our most of couples do.

    A Christian/English ceremony will be conducted in English and Hindu ceremony may have an English translation of the instructions by Priest. The chanting will be in Sanskrit. We also organize a brief itinerary and description of various Hindu rituals to be circulated to the Guests during Ceremony making it easier for them to understand the process they would witness.